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Mello [userpic]
by Mello (chocolatereign)
at May 24th, 2008 (12:57 pm)

Where are the posts in the game?

Firstly, the cohort and I would like to apologize for the abrupt deletion of the entire RP without warning.  We valued each and every post and they were fun.  However, we feel it is for the better of the game.  With so much happening in IM and not being posted, the journals not complimenting RP plot, and deviation from plot, everyone was becoming terribly confused and the focus was being driven away from the structured plot we had when we first began.  Truthfully, the cohort said she wasn't expecting anyone to join.  She wasn't expecting the awesome RPers we have.  Seriously, you guys are awesome and that's why we decided to revamp the entire plot and start from a new beginning.

About the plot:

There's a nice post on the RP comm explaining the plot in regards to how L survived death.  We've decided to use this to include everyone in the plot from the beginning.  Under the assumption that he will die in 28 days, L asks a medicated Beyond Birthday to write his name on a sheet of the Death Note and if B survives thirteen days after, Light is not free of suspicion.  With L surviving because of the .06  second simultaneous rule, he chooses Mello (who I've returned to the age of 15 as opposed to adult Mello) and brings he and Matt to Tokyo to apprentice.  This gives Near the chance to start the SPK as a way to still race with Mello, who will still join the mafia.  (His logic is that if L works with criminals such as Aiber, he will take it a step farther and become one.)  This will allow our Hal some play as well.  Mikami will be given a  some play as well on the prosecution side.  Instead of working with Mello, Naomi can find L directly and assist him.  (Make Light panic!!  Bwahaha!)

What we ask of you

  • If there are any concerns you have about the plot, the game itself, or something regarding your character, please feel free to ask. 
  • Please post all IM logs under an LJ cut and use the template I posted a few days ago.  No one likes being left in the dark and when IM happens and is referenced later, we all are in the dark.
  • Keep the silliness separated from the RP.  We all goof off in IM with our characters, but that eventually leads to plot deviation when it's in journals.  Also, if you find yourself unable to separate the two, then please keep the silliness in the confines of plot.
Hopefully, these three things will end confusion and being left behind.  We're all nosy, and it helps as a writer if you understand what's happening.   If you can't do this, please drop your character.  I hate to say that, but I, personally, don't want to let the game die because one person cannot stay within the plot and follow rules.  If we think you cannot, you will be BANNONATED!

 I'm also going to work up a character interview and post it soon.  I'd like everyone to fill it out, if they would.  I think it'll be a fun way to understand each other's characters some as well as help us flesh them out some. 

Thanks for hanging in there with us.  You are all super awesome players and we look forward to making this work properly.


Edit: If you'd like, you may delete some of your journal entries.  Both the cohort and I have done so with ours because it will clear the confusion of what is part of the RP and what is forgotten.  If not, then please make an entry stating that everything thereafter will be RP-centric.

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