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Mello [userpic]
Charater Adding
by Mello (chocolatereign)
at May 2nd, 2008 (10:04 am)

As the character roster grows, it can be a little monotonous for a new player to add everyone individually.  To save you the hassle, there's a shortcut if you wish to use the admin console.

To mass add members to your friend list, make sure you're logged into your character journal and visit the admin console! Then copy and paste the list below into the empty box on the page! Click 'execute' to save and voila!

friend add chocolatereign
friend add i_genius
friend add shu_aizawa
friend add misswedy
friend add quillish_wammy
friend add codename_after
friend add nightgodlight
friend add toys_n_us
friend add i_h4xor
friend add naomimisora
friend add lolita_doreru