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Antoine Lawley [userpic]
Manditory Character Interview - After
by Antoine Lawley (codename_after)
at May 27th, 2008 (02:26 am)

What is your full name? Antoine Lawley

What is your city of birth?  Marseille, France, but my mother died at birth and I was sent to an orphanage in Paris.

Do you live there now? No.

If not, where do you live? New York City, New York 

What was the happiest moment of your life? The day I established my own residence in NY was my happiness.  To me, it represented solitude and independence.

What are you most proud of? My position at the Times and my cello.

Do you have a religion? There is no God.

What are your views on sexuality and how do they apply to you? I’ve heard about several labels that people use.  I don’t have or want any of them. I have no interest in sex, touch, relationships, or other people. I find them all terribly disgusting and unwelcome.

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life? Trust no one.

What is your earliest memory? In the orphanage in Paris, where I lived, there was a vineyard on the other side of the courtyard fence. In the summertime, the scent of the grapes carried across the yard.  Being as small as I was, I’d squeeze through the fence and sit in the vines. I would pick the grapes and eat them without permission.  This was a daily practice during recess and my love of grapes has never diminished.

How would you like to be remembered? Through my investigating journalling

How do you think you will die? He is the bane of my existence and my only friend.  I hate him and I love him.  He brought death to me once and has given me over two-hundred scars, and I believe that he will be the death of me again.


OOC Questions:

Why did you choose to write this character?  The cohort asked me to make a fanon A.  There isn’t much known about him other than that he hanged himself with the help of Beyond Birthday.  I like that I was able to make an OC out of a cannon character.  Hooray for fanon!      

Is there something concerning your character that you would like see brought into plot? He’s a terribly tragic and sad character.  I hate that he doesn’t interact with anyone outside of BB, but because he is so anti-social and his perception of socializing is twisted, he thinks that B is his only friend and that no one else notices him.  He prefers to keep it that way, too, sadly.  I think he has a lot to offer as a person, but he’s very emo. 

Are there any concerns you have about the RP in general? Again, I’ve been bitching about this everywhere, so it should come as no surprise this time either: If you’re going to make reference to an IM in your character journal, please post the log in the RP with an LJ cut and the template I have provided.  I’m nosy.  I want to know.  I don’t like being confused.  If it’s in your journal, it’s now part of the RP.  If that happens, then all players need to know why it’s said even if it didn’t involve us.  If we are confused, we don’t feel like posting because we worry that our posts will interrupt something.  If we are confused, we feel like we are being left out and if we feel left out, we want to divide. If we divide, we deviate from plot.

This kinda goes with my concerns about the RP, but keep silliness separate from the game, please.


Post your IM logs if they are referenced in the journals!  </bitchy mod moment>


Anything else?  Because there is so little about him and his answers are short and sweet, I thought I’d give a little bit of After’s mini-biography.  *shrug*  I didn’t know how else to let you get to know him.


Codename:  After
Birth Name: Auguste Rousseau/Antoine Lawley
Ethnicity: French
Birthdate: September 24, 1982
Height: 5' 7”
Blood type:
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: green
Likes: Grapes, cello, language, literature, and running
Dislikes: peanuts, BB
Occupation: L's former successor and a journalist of the NY Times



September 24, 1982.  Marseille , France -  Auguste Rousseau's mother gave birth to a healthy baby boy with an unknown father.  She was rather promiscuous and on July 31st, of that year, a terrible road accident in Beaune caused the deaths of 53 people, and one of them was his father.  Unfortunately, he would never know who he was or what he would have become if the man would have survived.  Even worse was that his lovely mother, no matter how unchaste she was, passed as he came into the world. Rousseau was given his mother's maiden name and nothing else. The young woman had nothing aside from a rented apartment and a job waiting tables. 

Seeing as he'd have no legacy, the government in France saw it fit to send him to an orphanage in Paris.  From birth, the child resided in the agency with no hope of adoption.  Other kids came in, and they left with parent, but not Auguste.  One would think that a child would develop a complex because of this, but Auguste Rousseau was no ordinary child.  From what he could tell, the right parents had yet to come along and when they did, he would be chosen.  Until that day, he focused all of his time on his studies. Other kids played games and with toys, and he was reading by age three.  His marks were unusually high, and gained him praise by the nuns who presided over the children.

When he was five, those marks earned him an article in Le Parisien, which was read religiously by one Quillsh Wammy, also known as Watari, who was building an orphanage at the time.  The day after the article printed, Auguste met with the retired inventor who offered to adopt him.  That was the day the right parent came along.  His faith in mankind had served him well and that same afternoon, he was whisked off to Winchester, England; his new home.

This orphanage was different than the Catholic home he'd had for the first five years of his life.  Instantly, Auguste Rousseau became someone else entirely.  None of the children had proper names, or none that they used.  Upon a meeting with Roger Ruvie after his arrival, Auguste was no more.  A young French brunette was now After, Code Name: A.

 In the beginning, he did not understand why he was given the name, or why everyone there had a codename, but he did not ask.  After was a natural problem solver and would discover on his own.  There weren't many there at the time and he was given his own room.  Being studious, After spent his free time learning as much as he possibly could and Mr. Ruvie discovered from hearing him at the piano, that he had a natural talent for music.  Suddenly, he was gifted with Cello lessons by Watari and between that and his addiction to grapes, After stayed to himself.

Having met L on occasion, After assumed that he was more than just a member of the Wammy House.  He was given special treatment, and a private wing while the rooms seemed to be filled. L wasn't always present and sometimes, he was seen with the police.  A had deduced that L was a spy, but had no proof and simply offered him friendship instead.  They were close in age and had some common interests.

Eventually, everyone was forced to share a room, but A.  It was at that time, age 11, that L had taken him aside and offered him the chance to be his successor.  His suspicions proved somewhat true when his friend, who received special treatment, pulled him into his wing and explained their purpose.  He was the first to follow after L and it was an honor.  With all that he had, he would do the world's greatest detective justice.

For a year, everything seemed to be fine, that was until Mr. Ruvie then introduced After to his new roommate, and what he would later refer to as the  bane of his existence; Beyond Birthday. As BB’s mind began to deteriorate, After became more and more introverted. He was Beyond’s very own abused and battered vice.  Every time the lunatic felt aggressive, angry, or frightened, it was After who took the brunt of the emotion.  Eventually, this resulted in several scars, rape, and an attempted hanging that failed.

When After woke, he was given a new identity for protection; Antoine Lawley.  Lawley had a very wealthy benefactor who provided everything he needed and funded his education at Cambridge University where he majored in journalism.  Upon graduation, he was then offered his position at the New York Times.  It was his first taste of freedom and independence; solitude.