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Misa [userpic]
Mandatory Interview
by Misa (lolita_doreru)
at May 27th, 2008 (12:31 pm)

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What is your full name? Misa Amane, but everyone calls me Misa Misa!...Well, not everyone, except my fans. Misa needed something that sounded really cute for her career, and Misa Amane or Misa by itself is not cute at all. If Misa was named Sakura or Miyu, then maybe...

What is your city of birth? Misa was born in Kyoto. Kyoto is so pretty, but not as big as Tokyo. Misa left Kyoto when...after the trial.

Do you live there now? Misa Misa had to leave for a lot of reasons, like her career! Modeling jobs are almost always in Tokyo!

If not, where do you live? Misa used to live in a nice apartment in Tokyo, but now she lives at Headquarters because someone is being very unreasonable and paranoid. No matter, because at least Misa's room is very nice!

What was the happiest moment of your life? When Kira avenged Mama and Papa. So happy~

What are you most proud of? That Misa made a living by herself. Misa's papa always hated people who didn't live off their own will.

Do you have a religion? Mama and Papa were Buddhists, but Misa never really liked it. Misa did not like to pray so much, or bow down to Buddha all the time. Misa now believes in Kira. He is Misa's savior!

What are your views on sexuality and how do they apply to you? Well…Misa is not sure about this…You see, Misa thinks that people aren’t really gay or straight. You just happen to fall in love with a person, and that person happens to be a girl or boy. Misa will like to always be in love all her life and make love because she is in love!

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life? 

Mama told Misa to always remember where she came from. Papa told Misa to never ever let a person control you.

…Misa doesn’t think she listened very well…

What is your earliest memory? One time, when Misa was almost four (I remember since it was almost Christmas, and Misa was going to be four), Mama was baking cookies and I wanted to help. But I was easting some of the batter and Mama slapped Misa’s hand away and said, “Sugar is bad for you!” Misa cried and went to Papa. Papa saw me crying and felt bad, so he gave me the dress that he saved for my birthday. It was so pretty! It was all white and shiny, and it came with a crown of flower--they were fake though. Papa told Misa to put it on, and I did, but I was still crying, cause Mama slapped my hand! Then, Papa took pictures of Misa in her pretty dress with that camera that gives you photos right away , and Misa was posing and having fun. I was so happy! Then Mama came in and said “I’m sorry, Misa-chan.” Then, she “bought” one of my photos, and gave me a cookie as currency. I never ate the cookie though.

How would you like to be remembered? “Wow…she certainly was different, wasn’t she? What a tragic death.”

How do you think you will die? Misa will kill herself. Hopefully, I will kill myself to protect someone I love. Ideally, I would love to jump into a river and drown myself. For love. 


Why did you choose to write this character? 
Misa and I are similar, so playing her is not too hard for me. Also, I have a tendency to gravitate to cutesy, girlie characters in RPG. Also, I wanted to bring a little more to Misa, since there is that image of her where everyone assumes she is a ditz, with no real character or personality. 

Is there something concerning your character that you would like see brought into plot?

 Ah! I need to make a friggin log with Light! WE NEED TO DISCUSS OUR RELATIONSHIP!!

Are there any concerns you have about the RP in general?

Mostly, I hope I don’t get confused or mess up the plot, but that’s my own obstacle. 


Posted by: Misa (lolita_doreru)
Posted at: May 28th, 2008 01:05 pm (UTC)

i'll make one on the board itself

Posted by: Yagami Light (nightgodlight)
Posted at: May 28th, 2008 01:30 pm (UTC)


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