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Yagami Light [userpic]
Manditory Character Interview: Light
by Yagami Light (nightgodlight)
at May 28th, 2008 (12:51 pm)

(*headdesk* You know what... I posted this to my journal first. xD *stupidish*)

What is your full name? 夜神 月. Yagami is written with the kanji for 'night' and 'god'. And then, take the kanji for 'moon' and read it as 'light'.

What is your city of birth? Tokyo.

Do you live there now? Yes. But at the moment I'm not staying at my parents house.

If not, where do you live? In Tokyo, yes, but I'm staying at the HQ until the Kira case is over.

What was the happiest moment of your life?

Hmm? I think it was when I was at the first class at school and brought my first exam home to show it to my parents. I had got A+ and it was the best anyone in my class got. My dad was not home but mom was so proud that she took me to dad's work place to show it to him. He said he was proud, too, and that if I kept up the good grades, we could go to Disneyland next summer. I remember being so happy. I studied hard, no, harder, and I only got A's from my exams.
We never went to Disneyland, though. Dad was too busy. But it didn't matter, I wasn't interested in that kind of things anyway.

Other happy memories were those summers Sayu and I spent in the country side at our grandparent's place. Every time dad drove us there he told me that I should look after my little sister and keep her safe. That was my job, taking care that nothing bad happened to her. I did find her a little irritating but I was also proud. I felt I was important. I was responsible of her, and although there were adults present, I felt that was something no-one else could do.

Oh, and once we were on a children's summer camp. There were lots of other kids there and boys and girls were supposed to sleep in different dorms that were in different buildings. However, one night it started raining really hard and it turned out to be a small thunder storm. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like someone had called my name. I got up and went to look at the window. I've never feared thunder, I find it quite fascinating.
There I was, standing at the window, and staring outside, and then when the lightning flashed, I saw someone running through the yard from the girls' dorm towards me. I realized it was Sayu and got awfully worried. What if a lightning hit her? I put my shoes on and ran out.It was raining really hard and when she threw herself on my arms we were both soaking wet.
She was crying and afraid. She told me the other girls were teasing her because she was scared and that they had started telling ghost stories. She wanted to go home. I took her to the main building but we could find that adult who was supposed to be on the night watch. We sneaked into the camp manager's office and I tried to call home, even though it was the midnight. I just couldn't make Sayu stop crying. Well, the phone line was dead. It was storming and electricity was out, too. Sayu was crying even harder and I started to panic myself. But then I remembered what dad had said, that I was to keep her safe.
I didn't want to return to the dorm because it was prohibited for girls to sleep at the boys' quarters (we were children, I have no idea why that was but I didn't want Sayu to get in trouble) so we found this small room where they kept the bed sheets and stuff. We made a small, soft hiding place there, and I held her and told her stories about beautiful princesses and handsome princes and flying horses and castles in clouds. She had stopped crying long ago, the thunder had faded away, all we could hear was the rain clattering the roof.
She kissed my cheek and told me I was her knight. And as she finally fell asleep, smiling, I knew I had done well.
Of course we got into trouble next morning, but that is completely another story.

What are you most proud of?
My achievements.

Do you have a religion?
I don't practice any religion. I find them interesting but I think religions turn people into mindless sheep. Religion seems to be part of human nature, though. Like in communistic countries, when the religions are forbidden the people start worshiping their leaders as gods. It's pathetic, yet somehow fascinating.

What are your views on sexuality and how do they apply to you?
Uh... What can I say? I'm a young man, I like girls. Though, I think sex is something that belongs to marriage. I mean, premarital sex is okay but no-one should make children before they are married. Umm... And I'm not a homophobe! Do what you like, just stay away from my ass.

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?
Never give up. There is always something. You can do it. Trust yourself.

What is your earliest memory? I remember sitting on a highchair in our kitchen and watching mom cooking the food. I know it was an afternoon, because the sunlight was golden and throwing oblique shadows.

How would you like to be remembered?
...As a man whose achievements were not in vain.

How do you think you will die? Uh, I would rather not think about it. I'm still very young. I hope I live a long and happy life.


OOC Questions:

Why did you choose to write this character? If you had given me a real Death Note at high school, you would now live in a New World reigned by me! Bwahahahaha!
Nah, seriously speaking, I can relate to him but I don't like him much. He's got many of the characteristics I dislike in myself.

Is there something concerning your character that you would like see brought into plot?
Can someone save him, plz? xD I realized the Death Note brings only misfortune, and things will get worse and worse and he's never gonna be happy again. I feel sorry for him. Yet, I want him to die. Die die die. He's awful, he deserves it. I want to torture him! *add evil laugh here* I want him do more physical things and not just sit around. So maybe he'll escape or something. I don't know.

Are there any concerns you have about the RP in general? Gimme new brain.

Anything else?
Hi everyone! It's Turk B here!
*waves and smiles, sparkles and flashes big cute uke eyes*
...Ugh, just wtf was that... >__>;


Posted by: Misa (lolita_doreru)
Posted at: May 28th, 2008 01:00 pm (UTC)

oh light. his memory was so cute!

Posted by: Yagami Light (nightgodlight)
Posted at: May 28th, 2008 01:21 pm (UTC)

Well, he wasn't always evil or crazy. ^_^

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